Sunset in Manila

After a long tiring day with my friends, I finally came home at our condo. I was tired and just threw all my stuffs (bag, wallet, watch, phone, etc.) aside and when I went outside on our balcony. And wouldn’t you know it this stumbled into my eyes (I don’t know if stumble is the right word to use but.. you get the point).  So I got my phone and took a quick picture, hoping to get a good one. The sky was almost clear and the tides were calm. It’s just the perfect time to admire this beautiful sunset here in my most dearest country, Philippines.

I would have inserted a lot more picture of the sunset but seeing from the photos, it all looks almost the same. The sun just slowly goes down beyond the horizon. It was a good sight to see just before the afternoon ends. There was also this time where I went outside our balcony and saw this very stunning full moon but I wasn’t able to get a good shot of it.. oh well.


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