Zark’s Burger


If you are happen to be around taft specifically around La Salle. You might want to try this restaurant named Zark’s Burgers. This burger joint is very familiar with La Salle students (like me) because it’s just a few steps away from their doorsteps. But this restaurant and their huge and I mean HUGE burgers is slowly becoming popular to most people in or outside Metro Manila. Even my friends from Laguna knows about this.

They have a lot of varieties of burgers to choose. They name their burgers after some of the famous NBA basketball players like Shaq and Kobe Bryant. If burger is what you are after then there are two categories of burger to choose from. There is the Minor League where all of the burger patties are quarter pound while there is also the Major League, this is for the big boys. There are half pound patties and even a one pound patties!

Now that burger that you see is named “Jawbreaker burger”. Why is it named that way you ask? Well it’s just what the name says! It has a triple cheeseburger, which I think are all quarter pound, that is topped with spam and bacon. You can already have a full appetite by just reading this lol just kidding but what I say is true. If you want to finish this burger you have to have a empty or nearly empty stomach because I assure you that you’ll get stuffed with this one.

This burger comes with a challenge but I didn’t take it because I wanted to just enjoy this burger 🙂 The challenge is you have to finish all that is on the plate and a glass of iced tea in just 5 MINUTES. If you successfully finish it before the timer runs out then it is free of charge! Great deal isn’t it? But in my opinion, you will not be able to enjoy that burger.

So if you want to try this burger and all those other burgers that they are offering then come by here at Taft! I believe Zarks have their website and their specific location but they are located at the Archer’s nook, just above army navy. Good luck if you’ll go up with the challenge. Btw, there is also another challenge with a even larger burger involved.


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