The new Lumia family

So you think the iPhone 5 is the only new gadget in town? Then you’re completely wrong! Just before the release of the new iPhone, this wonderful and elegant looking phone was introduced by Nokia. The all new line-up in the Lumia family.. the Nokia Lumia 920. As we all know, all lumia phones so far run windows phone OS. The design of this new phone is almost alike with the lumia 900 but this is packed with a alot of new and innovative features. This is the new Windows Phone 8 flagship device. Now in my opinion, nokia should have made a better marketing campaign with this one. I just appreciate how Nokia tries to develop a completely new product unlike the other phone companies today who keeps on copying each other and not even offering the market with a new breakthrough device. Like what Apple did when they introduced the first iPhone which opened to a new industry of phones.

Going back to the device, so what’s new here? What makes this product so special and what most people say “the most interesting product so far”? Besides the usual specifications that you can read on other sites. I’ll just layout what makes this an interesting device.


With the new image processing algorithm that nokia developed, the phone let’s you have blur free picture and they called it PureView! I’ve seen it in some reviews where you slightly press the camera button and it activates this PureView technology. At first when the button is not pressed you can see the display as blurry when you move the device. But once you slightly press the camera button, the blur in the display will be removed even if you are moving your device around! Isn’t that cool? No more blurry pictures! Nokia said that “It’s not about how many pixels you have, it’s what you do with them.”


Nokia calles it PureMotion HD+. They claim that this is the fastest and most sensitive touch screen that you’ll experience. I don’t know about the fast part but with the sensitive part,  I was really amazed. You can still operate the phone even if you are wearing gloves or with your fingernails. You can even use a key besides your fingers when using the phone. This is not a resisitive touch screen where you use a stylus. This is still a capacitive touch screen like most touch phones have today.

Nokia City lens

Imagine not anymore using a map but instead you use your camera to locate stores, restaurants, etc. With this new app that nokia developed, you can just raise you phone and take a look around by using the camera and there you will see floating tiles showing you different places that you can go to. The key here is that the phone locates where you are and uses a compass to give you an accurate result. Just point to a certain area then you will see all the places there and you can click on the tile and see the description of that place as well as reviews of  other people who went there.

Wireless Charging

Wireless charging? Really? Is that even possible?? Well the new lumia 920 certainly has it. This is not what you think where you can charge while moving around with your phone. The phone will only charge once you put in on the charger plate. But still it charges wireless-ly. Now most people will react “Now that is not useful after all” or “Wireless? More like a big waste of time”. But in my eyes this is a breakthrough for smartphones. Imagine when they improve the wireless function more. Imagine where you can walk all over your house with your phone and still charging it. Imagine if develops more! Where you can just plug the charger and go out of the house and still charging your phone! I mean wireless charging has so many possibility!

People are truly right with this device being the most interesting device so far in 2012. And yeah! I want this to be my new phone! I am a nokia phone user. My first phone was nokia 3310 and since then I believe that the built quality of nokia is truly remarkable. Too bad it’s software is not a s good as its hardware. Many quoted this one… “The King is back”.  Hopefully with their new software partner being the software giant known as Microsoft, they will be able rise up again from their ashes and compete with their major competitors.


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