I know what you’re thinking, is that really Kamikazee?? Si Jay ba talaga yun?? Haha! Kahit ako nagulat nung una! This song is from their new album Romantico. Now with just the name of the album you’ll expect more romantic songs from kamikazee. But this song wasn’t the first serious romantic song they composed. Back then with their first album, they had this songs titled “Girl friend” which  have a very catchy tune where one band from our high school batch even played it on one competition on our school. The song is about a guy with a “girl” best friend and realized that he is falling for this girl.

Now this song is about a girl and a boy in a prom having their very last dance. I just assumed that they’re in a prom because the song is about a dance lol and the fact that I think this song is best played in a prom for couples. Ano ba yan! Naalala ko tuloy yung JS Prom nung high school haha! I hope there’ll be a graduation prom for the whole 109 batch so I can dance with my girlfriend 🙂 There’s nothing more romantic on a prom than dancing with the girl or boy you love.

I love you totss! I miss you 🙂


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