The 5th generation iPod Touch

ImageSo last September 12 Apple introduced the 5th generation iPod touch in line with the iPod series. At first I was really surprised with the new design! I was like “Wow! They finally put some color on the iPod touch”. The new design really attract customers.

So what’s new?


  • It comes with the new colors such as silver, slate, blue, yellow and pink.
  • iPod touch loop to keep your iPod touch close to you and safe.
  • An all new whopping 5 megapixel back camera or as Apple calls it, the iSight.
  • An LED flash
  • An all new connector or as they call it the “lightning connector”.
  • A much longer screen with a height of 4.86 inches.
  • An all new retina display.
  • The new iPod touch comes with the new in-ear headphones. Apple calls it earpods.
  • iOS 6 installed

The new 4 inch display made this device much longer, for example is that instead of 4 columns of icons, you can now have 5 columns of icons! Wow! (too much exaggeration? lol) I think apple is making the iPod touch look as much as the new iPhone 5. The new iPod touch has Siri now! Too bad that Apple did not include the new A6 chip that is found in the iPhone 5. It would have been something else if the iPod touch have this for faster processing of data, most especially for games and video for it is the main use for the iPod touch. Most people want this more than the iPhone 5 and saying that there really isn’t much of a improvement with the new iPhone. Many are quiet disappointed but their new line up of iPod touch and nano will surely make up for it. Many are also saying that the Samsung Galaxy s3 still dominates the smartphone wars even with the new iPhone introduced.

I sure can’t wait to get my hands on one of these.



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