Positive thinking

I came across this image a while back and just now I saw it on my news feed and thought I’d post it here in my blog. This is really a inspiration photo. A collection of well-known people and their failures. It is highly unthinkable that you won’t recognized any of the names from this photo. What is good with this photo is that each one of them really had a very bad failure where people even stepped on their prides but look at what they achieved, look at where they are now. The people who gave them these comments doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Like this with Walt Disney not having “enough imagination”?? If you mention those very words now, you will receive a lot of negative feedback or people might even think that you’re a total retard for even mentioning that. Painful words will last a lifetime but it doesn’t mean that you should hang on to it forever.  Why would you let anyone to bring you down? It’s like giving them the winning ticket for the lottery. You’re just giving them the satisfaction that they want.

I most certainly like this quote..

I am thankful to all those who said NO to me. It’s Because of them I did it myself. -Albert Einstein

As you can see, in order to achieve something in this life you shouldn’t cry or sob over all those negative comments from the people around you. Instead, use these words to challenge yourself like what Einstein said. By challenging yourself to do something will help you learn more rather than waiting for someone else to teach you. You’d be surprise of what the results may be for you. You might just be the next Einstein or Jordan in terms of sports.

It is better to be recognized than to recognize.

Don’t just think positively but apply those thoughts. Good luck to you reader and I hope that you’ll find your success from your failures.



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