SOPA/PIPA. To secure or to CONTROL?

This is just a picture I got from 9gag. This is not mine. LOL. This will the voices and words of many people if SOPA and PIPA will get published. They will be so afraid of downloading of even just saving an image off internet. OMG O_O

Okay let’s start.. This the new “conspiracy” everyone has been talking about. I’ve recently known about this on facebook from my friends post and also a post on 9gag saying that this is the conspiracy that the mayans are talking about “SOPA might cause the end of the world”. The reason why they’ve said that this might be the end of the world because if SOPA and PIPA got published then it may end the internet.

I think that these bills might end the freewill of human to post anything on the internet. In this present generation, internet is the BIG thing. Everything and everyone revolves around the internet whether it’s for school, interests, entertainment, shopping or just simply browsing when you’ve nothing top do. If the U.S. Law got the hold of control over the internet then there will be no privacy anymore.


It’s about fighting piracy and all those so-called rights like “copyright”, “intellectual right”, “property right”, etc. Those people who has been complaining about intellectual property like the one Mr. Zuckerburg was into when I watched “the social network” where the antagonist sued him for intellectual property theft. This should really clean out all those “pirates” in the internet. Also it will make people more original with their works like people will start making their own wallpaper, music, information, etc.


Of course the disadvantages would be there will be no more freedom of expression on the internet. As wikipedia stated “Free knowledge” would be gone and in this generation free knowledge is really important especially to us students. Yes, adults say that they once lived without the internet and we can also live without it NOW. But there is this study about generations like how generation x is different from y and how hard it is for both to understand each other.

That is now why there are so many young people whom are angry and displeased when SOPA and PIPA has been introduced. But surprising enough, the members of the congress that is supporting these act has decreased.

Now here’s the fun part of the blog. I’m expecting that you’re all asking what will happen if SOPA/PIPA gets passed. Well here are some images that I’ve seen on the internet (mostly images made by 9gaggers haha).

Megaupload will be gone.

You’ll end up in jail by just copying an image. (wtf??)

Most images would show up like this.

Horrifying is it? Imagine a world without free knowledge, the end to the internet era. Not to be able to upload images or information at will. Everything that you are doing is monitored by the law. How ironic it is when the internet is the center of all transactions or communications of people all over the world will just end like that because of censorship and blocking of some websites. The internet is like democracy where people is free to express their opinion without any limit. It’ll be like a dictatorship kind of system if the act will be passed.

“Never cage something that is FREE”

Now you ask me what is my opinion of this issue? Well..

NOTE: Click the images to see their respective sources.


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