Pambansang kamao

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao.. The peoples “champ”.. the “pound-for-pound king”.. Has served as an inspiration to many Filipinos around the world. Everytime he has a fight, Filipinos will just stay home and watch it and cheer for him. Many believe that he is the “Filipino pride”, many Filipinos around the world are affected with this pride.

They do not anymore think of themselves as useless or low lives like other countries are saying. Suddenly many Filipinos have the courage to do anything, they do not accept being stepped on by other countries. His victories inspired Filipinos that they can do and achieve anything if they work really hard.
This picture of Pacman should be included because he has been a source of inspiration to some Filipinos and also this can be signify that Filipinos can do anything.


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