Mano po and Beso

The gesture of “mano po” has always been a tradition to Filipinos. When you do a “mano po” you have to hold the elders’ hand and bump or make it contact with your forehead.

This is part of the Filipino culture and it is being practice by all Filipinos around the world. In the present time, there are only few who still practice this gesture but they have replaced it with “beso”, beso is somewhat like “mano po” but it is not anymore for the elderly but also for all for example your mother is greeting her friend, they will do a “beso” this is where the cheeks of a person will come contact with the cheeks of another person. Even though this culture has change, “mano po” and “beso” still signifies respect for your fellow men / women. Filipinos has always been famous for being hospitable and caring for others, even though they are not close to that person.
This gesture should be included in the time capsule because this is a very important practice for all Filipinos especially with the young Filipinos that will see this in the near future because as we see now the youth today are changing their ways, and some of them doesn’t anymore know the culture of Filipinos.


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