Jejemon Series

The word “Jejemon” came from the combination of the word “Pokemon” and “Jeje”, which is the most frequently used word of a jejemon “jeje” means “hehe” or laughter. Jejemon people are those people who use different kind of sms texting styles, their words are mostly not understood by other people that are not jejemon. Like the image above, they said that it is just creativity that drives them to change the spelling of the words, they also said that it is kind of boring using plain words for example : saying “hello po” in a sms message is very different to them because they say it or text it like this “e0w ph0wxsh” which made many other people angry at them because this words aren’t anymore readable by normal human beings but for them, it just show their creativity and ways to have fun.

Many parents are worried about their children using these words because at first they do not know if those words that they are using are appropriate. It has been an issue that jejemons should be erased and removed because what they are doing are damaging their verbal skills.

This should be included in the time capsule to remind the the future youth in the Philippines that there were once in time that Filipinos made changes in something, even though what they did is bad they still made some changes and still affected many people. This will show them either not to follow or just be inspired by this.


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