A Filipino Family

One of the reason why Philippines citizen are shaped is because of the Filipino family. Even though family is one of the smallest and most influential unit of the society, it’s core values is infested on each family member, Filipino family play major part in society building as a whole. The values that our Parents or elders implemented inside our household are values interpreted by every member of the family outside our home.  Like for example vices like cigarette smoking or alcohol drinking cannot be implemented to the children if both parents are doing it because children might do it as well with their young age. What more values like honesty, integrity, self-reliance and other moral values. As a primary and preparatory institution of society, it’s important to note that a family with grounded values will go out on it’s portal and spread these values to each and one of the Filipino.

The Filipino Family has evolved from time to time. Although the Filipino Family of 2010 has adopted modern variations of cultural traditions, the main significance of these traditions still remains. For example, the “mano po” gesture which displays respect for elder relatives is slowly being replaced by the “beso” but nevertheless still conveys deep respect for elder relatives.


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