A Filipino Family

The Filipino Family is not just composed of Father, Mother and their sons and daughters. The Filipino family, is, an extended family of Aunts, Uncles & Cousins. Aunts, whom we call “Tita” as a sign of respect before their names, “Tito” for uncle, “lola” for grandmother and “lolo” for grandfather. These names are still in use up to the most distant relative regardless of whether they are the cousins of cousins of your Grandmother or Grandfather. The Filipino family extends up to the most distant recognized member of the clan. Filipinos regard the family as the center of their lives, primary support and source of moral strength. To the Filipino, happiness is being with the family. The Filipino family is closely-knit, where strong ties are maintained even after the children have married. It is not surprising to find an extended family system among Filipino families.


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